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Hell's Rebels,Hell s Rebels by Anonim Book PDF Summary

This PDF contains a new character designed to be fully compatible with the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, as well as seven custom cards to support play with this character. Variell Durnatt, Half-elf Rogue Variell spent her early adult life as part of a team of con artists and charlatans, acting as their resident "mage," despite her skill with magic being just another form of trickery WebIn Hell’s Rebels, players get the chance to stand up to the Thrice-Damned House of Thrune and wrest a notinsignificant chunk of Cheliax away from infernal control, but in 7 months WebPathfinder Adventure Path # Breaking the Bones of Hell (Hell’s Rebels 6 of 6) Hell Hath No Limits With the Kintargo Contract recovered and WebDownload Pathfinder Adventure Path Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle With a hideout in the city of Kintargo established, the heroes of the growing rebellion are poised to take back WebOct 3,  · Download link book entitled Hell s Rebels by Anonim in pdf, epub and kindle format is given in this page. This book was released on 03 October and published ... read more

The book was released by Unknown in with total hardcover pages Paradise Lost John Milton book immediate popular and critical acclaim in Fantasy games genre. With the recovery of the Kintargo Contract and numerous alliances in place, the so-called Silver City of Kintargo and its surrounding region of Ravounel is now protected from invasion by Cheliax. The heroes of Kintargo are ready to sign formal treaties and accords with Cheliax to secure Kintargo's independence, yet. When Captain Sisko leads the Defiant on a dangerous mission into the Gamma Quadrant to liberate a conquered world, the Bajoran government insists that Kai Winn, the Federation's longtime nemesis, assume complete control of the space station. Left behind by Sisko, Major Kira expects the worst from the Kai's new. Book 5 of the Bestselling Black Rebel Riders' MC Saga Are you ready to ride? The deeper you love the rougher the road you travel becomes. Romeo has fought his way through hell and back to overcome his demons.

Just when he thinks he has everything under control, his life changes. Return to a classic Pathfinder Adventure Path with Curse of the Crimson Throne, one of Paizo s most popular campaigns! in the USA and other countries. Used with permission. C Contact us at support. com with any questions or for support requests. The forum is also a great resource to get questions answered quickly or to find groups of players and gamemasters you can join. Product Details. FANTASY GROUNDS Toggle navigation. View on Steam. Scarplume is notable for her rose-red hair and the scar that runs across her forehead. Her hatred of humanity is one of her driving personality traits, and she accepts only tieflings into her band of thugs as a result.

She reacts with anger upon realizing intruders have tracked her down—if humans are among those intruders, all the better for her rage! illusions Resist fire 10 OFFENSE Speed 30 ft. During Combat Scarplume takes to the air and fires off a few scorching rays and elemental rays to test interlopers. She resorts to her spiked gauntlet only as a last resort, preferring to keep to the air as long as possible. Scarplume targets humans in favor of all other foes. Morale Scarplume fights to the death. This stash consists of 12 pp, gp, 1, sp, cp, and miscellaneous jewelry and keepsakes worth a total of gp.

Story Award: Word spreads once the PCs defeat Scarplume and the Red Jills drift apart. If nothing else, he would like the return of any of her personal effects from the hideout, as all of those that had been stored at the manor were burned. Once Rexus has finished translating the Silver Ravens documents, his convictions that his mother survived 37 E. The revelation that the Fantasmagorium was used as a safe house for the Sacred Order makes a lot of sense to Laria. Once she learns of this, Laria encourages the PCs to investigate the Fantasmagorium. At the very least, the number of documents the order has in safekeeping should be a significant boon to the Silver Ravens. Of course, complicating matters is the fact that the building was closed down many years ago after its previous owner fell into debt. It was one of the many sites attacked on the Night of Ashes, although the agents who struck against the Sacred Order did so not with fire but with stealth.

Asmodean agents have already destroyed much of the information once hidden there, and have left a small number of guardians there to continue searching for information and to capture anyone else who stumbles into the site looking for members of the order. The results of such actions, if successful, are as follows. Covert Action: With a successful DC 15 Secrecy check, a team of spies can scout out the Fantasmagorium, providing a report to the PCs that a group of Asmodeans is active in the building. The report indicates that the PCs will face one cleric, four monks, and at least five zombies, allowing the PCs to prepare as appropriate. In addition, the scouting mission provides the PCs a workable map of the Fantasmagorium, but does not uncover any information about the chambers below. Sabotage: With a successful DC 15 Secrecy check, a team of saboteurs can set a cunning trap on the front porch of the Fantasmagorium.

The PCs can avoid the trap with ease, but the first time a group of Asmodeans attempts to leave the building, that group triggers the trap, causing several containers of liquid ice to spray the victims for 4d6 points of cold damage. This may be enough to finish off a damaged Nox or other characters fleeing the area, and is certainly enough to slow down redactors or acolytes who flee! His charm and showmanship transformed the bizarre concept into a minor success for many years, but when the exhibits many of which were either grossly exaggerated or utter hoaxes began to lose some of their novelty, the Fantasmagorium struggled to make ends meet. It finally went out of business 20 years ago, and Hocum died not long thereafter—the building has remained shut down and something of an eyesore ever since.

Rexus can relate the information above if no PC can. In addition, Rexus reveals that once the Fantasmagorium began struggling financially, the Sacred Order of Archivists secretly purchased the building from Hocum to use as its own hidden headquarters. He visited the order in disguise, posing as an Iroran scholar, and learned what he needed from its 39 archives several years ago. Thus, when Barzillai returned to Kintargo, he was already familiar with the location and many of its defenses. Knowing full well that much of the information stored in the archives was dangerous to the government, Thrune turned over information about the headquarters to the church of Asmodeus, who swiftly sent in a team of assassins and other agents to clean the place out. None of the archivists survived, and today agents of the Asmodean faith remain hidden in the chambers below, sifting through the last remaining documents for anything worth keeping.

The museum features strong wooden doors with sturdy locks hardness 5, hp 20, break DC 25, Disable Device DC 30 , but the mithral key provided by Rexus opens all of these. The interior of the upper floor is unlit, and the dusty, boarded-up windows provide only dim lighting during the day and none at all at night. Those who report this do so only furtively—the citizens of Kintargo know better than to test their luck against priests of the Prince of Darkness! When the PCs arrive, several Asmodeans remain within the Fantasmagorium, although they generally limit their activities to the lower level. In addition, Barzillai has charged one of his own agents, the devil-bound woman Nox, to serve his interests in the hideout and to keep an eye on the Asmodeans. Main Entrance This sprawling, single-story structure has certainly seen better days. In summer months, the museum used this large front porch to attract customers with a variety of acts, from acrobats and musicians to fire-eaters and animal trainers.

A successful 40 DC 15 Perception check while examining the door confirms the lock is in good working order despite the general appearance of neglect the rest of the building exudes. Box Office This large room holds various theatrical costumes, ropes, posts, blank signs and banners, paints, and some well-worn musical instruments, as well as an open cashbox for the daily ticket receipts. Treasure: The cashbox is, of course, empty, but a successful DC 20 Perception check reveals a few treasures that have fallen down along the back side of its podium. In all, there are 1 pp, 4 gp, 2 sp, and a tarnished copper ring of swimming to be found here. Hall of Cryptids CR 3 Macabre taxidermy and menacing skeletons line the walls of this fifty-foot circular chamber. A middling-quality fresco of terrifying and fantastic beasts lines the domed ceiling overhead. Large double doors lie to the northeast, southeast, and northwest; the northwest doors hang wide open.

The hall of cryptids features all manner of strange or mythical beasts said to haunt Kintargo and Cheliax over the years. Once the creatures have been dealt with, the chaos of combat will likely have obliterated many of these tracks, which were left by Asmodeans who have recently come through the upper floors. These Asmodeans moved from this room northwest to area E4, then northeast to E5, and finally to E6. A successful DC 10 Survival check allows the PCs to follow the tracks in the dust from one room to the next, but once combat takes place in a chamber, the DC of this check increases to SKUNK APE SKELETONS 2 CR 1 E5. The preserved husks of giant insects and arachnids—including a ten-foot-tall spider—leer over the displays.

The skeletons fight with the wooden clubs displayed with them. Morale The skunk ape skeletons fight until destroyed. Hall of the Seas CR 3 A briny odor wafts from a dozen water-filled cases in this room, each a display of strange, colorful sea creatures. Puddles of water cover the floor alongside shattered glass and fish skeletons. A ten-foot-square tank of murky water stands to the northeast. This most recent addition to the museum replaced an exhibit called the Hall of Deadly Plants decades ago. The new exhibit primarily featured species of fish and shellfish from Nisroch Bay and amphibians from the banks of the Yolubilis River, and well as a few colorful but hardy Arcadian species.

Not so those in a tank in the adjunct room to the southeast area E4a. Their bodies remain in the tank, but if the PCs explore the hall after sunset, the remains lurch to life in their undead form, attacking at once. UNDEAD NINGYOS 2 XP each CR 1 Skunk Ape Skeleton hp 11 each Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 4 41 swarms, and an arm-sized house centipede. Creatures: The inhabitants of the exhibits here are mostly long dead, save for one that contained thousands of dormant scarlet spider eggs, preserved in stasis for decades until an Asmodean looter broke the terrarium while trying to get what looked like a golden amulet within. The preservative magic unraveled and the eggs hatched swiftly, unleashing a swarm of ravenous scarlet spiders that killed the man. The scarlet spiders grew quickly, and now lurk throughout the room. Ravenous, they scuttle forth to attack any who enter, but do not pursue foes from this room.

He still carries a silver unholy symbol of Asmodeus worth 25 gp, along with a vial of silver dust worth 75 gp and one scroll each of cause fear, doom, inflict light wounds, and remove fear. The charm is worth 25 gp. Archive Entrance A circular alcove off this hallway cradles a lovingly maintained statue of a regal man, his arms outstretched and his chest adorned with a carving of a winged eye. Empty picture frames line the walls. A successful DC 12 Knowledge religion check identifies the statue as a depiction of the dead god Aroden. This alcove has stood carefully preserved for years.

In the past century, it has become something of a shrine to the lost god, with inert relics of his faith framed and preserved. A single faint divot on the upper edge of the iris points 42 to one of these runes, which are the letters of the Azlanti language. Alternatively, a character who succeeds at five consecutive DC 30 Disable Device checks cracks the combination, causing the statue to move aside. The annotated copy of The History and Future of Humanity in area E10 can aid in deciphering this puzzle see that area for details. Of course, brute force is also an option. The stone statue can be destroyed or toppled over hardness 8, hp , break or topple DC 30 to reveal the stairs as well. Story Award: Award the PCs 1, XP once they manage to gain entrance to the archives below. Wax Gallery Wax replicas of various politicians, folk heroes, deities, and creatures fill this room, some laughably fake and others eerily lifelike.

This gallery displays a variety of local celebrities and myths alongside plaques describing their legacies. The statue was once a wax golem, but it has been destroyed and is now nothing more than a spooky statue. However, its single remaining eye— carved out of alabaster and serpentine in appearance—is worth gp. At your discretion, an attempt to pry out the eye might cause the statue to topple and smash, perhaps giving the PCs a start and possibly attracting the attention of the Asmodeans in area E9. Hall of Historical Truths CR 3 This series of open galleries may have once held numerous paintings and other objects of curiosity in several glass cases, but today the displays are all empty. The displays here were gathered for review by the Asmodean redactors, leaving nothing of interest behind.

Creatures: After animating the skunk ape skeletons in area E3, Azvernathi was able to use lesser animate dead to create several more undead guardians for the upper floors, and chose bodies recovered from the ruins of the Victocora estate as his subjects. These creatures stand guard throughout this area, their horribly charred remains leaving no doubt as to the cause of their death: they were burned alive. The zombies attack anyone not wearing the colors and symbol of Asmodeus, pursuing foes throughout the building and beyond. In this event, grant the PCs 1, XP for providing this closure to their friend. While the shelves are relatively empty, what rubbish remains on them further supports the conclusion that this was once some sort of shop. Four long tables in the middle of the room seem to have seen more recent use, their surfaces cluttered with papers and objects. Here, Hocum once sold a variety of snake oils, replica reliquaries, and forged historical artifacts alongside a few legitimate spell components and alchemical remedies.

The doors to the southwest are boarded shut from the inside. Creatures: A group of Asmodean redactors works here, painstakingly sifting through documents recovered from displays, shelves, and storage areas in the Fantasmagorium. While neither Nox nor Azvernathi expect any of the books and pages to hold anything of import, the redactors are scouring the pages to learn whether any unfortunate truths may have leaked out before the entire collection is sent on to the temple of Asmodeus for cataloging and storage. The redactors swiftly rise to attack intruders, and the noise of combat here likely draws Azvernathi from area E They hope to catch intruders alive, and use stunning fist on spellcasters or smaller targets early in the fight. Morale The redactors fight to the death.

None of the documents on the desk contain much of interest, as the relative lack of redactions suggests. Museum Offices CR 3 Overturned desks and scattered paperwork cover the floor of this large workroom; doors hang open on the walls to the southeast and northeast to reveal empty offices, each containing a number of bedrolls and supplies. Today, the rooms to the southeast are used as sleeping quarters for the Asmodean redactors, while the room to the northwest serves as the personal quarters of their supervisor, a cleric of Asmodeus named Azvernathi Raul. When Thrune asked the church for a volunteer for the relatively unglamorous job of picking up the pieces and cleaning up after the raid on the Sacred Order, high priest Corinstian Grivenner practically jumped at the chance to get the wheedling, obsequious sycophant out of the temple, if only for a few weeks. He activates copycat once invisibility is about to end.

His first offensive action is to cast spiritual weapon; he follows up with hold person and command to control the flow of battle. Once he draws his weapons, though, Azvernathi focuses on fighting with his maces rather than keeping one hand free for spellcasting. Morale Azvernathi is a coward at heart, and surrenders if brought to 5 or fewer hit points. If any redactors still live, they immediately attempt to kill him rather than risk him betraying the church. The book itself is otherwise in good condition and is worth gp. Development: If he surrenders, Azvernathi not only can help the PCs get into the Many-Steps Monastery area F , but can also give them an accurate count of the redactors and other Asmodean forces below. If let go, Azvernathi flees the city and does not return to Kintargo. Although Azvernathi is a relatively low-ranking and disliked member of the church, his death does not go unnoticed for long.

MANY-STEPS MONASTERY Buried fifty feet below the Fantasmagorium, the ManySteps Monastery—jokingly named for the countless stairs residents needed to traverse—served as a library, scriptorium, laboratory, and residence for the Sacred Order of Archivists. Numerous continual flames provide ample illumination for this entire level, although those in personal quarters are housed in lanternlike holders that can be shuttered to provide darkness for sleep. Ceilings are 10 feet high, and the air quality is surprisingly good. If the PCs make their presence known here but retreat before defeating Nox, she exits the complex to give a quick report to Barzillai, then returns here within 4 hours with enough reinforcements to replace all lost Asmodeans but not replacements for the outsiders found in the complex.

If the PCs fail to defeat Nox on their second attempt, she abandons the Many-Steps Monastery entirely, bringing with her all of the remaining Asmodeans and the unredacted documents. The Sacred Archive CR 4 A wrought-iron spiral stairway descends from the ceiling into a massive library. Bookshelves, both freestanding and wall-mounted, rise up to a ceiling forty feet above. Ladders on tracks allow access to the higher shelves, yet few books and scrolls remain here. Bloodstains mar the floor here and there, and some of the shelves bear what appears to be recent battle damage. A strange rune inscribed in a circle decorates the floor. Everything from history texts to personal journals recount the minutiae of Chelish life before the civil war. Today, almost all of that information has been lost—destroyed, redacted, or sent on to the temple of Asmodeus for archiving. The painstaking process of investigating the last few tomes held here continues around the clock, the majority of the work being done in area F6.

When the Asmodeans there finish examining a tome, what remains is crated up and shipped to the temple, and new books are taken from the shelves here. Powerful devils and high-ranking Asmodeans worked together to smite the archivists in a devastating assault. Fortunately for the PCs, now that the critical information has been extracted, the majority of the forces involved have been recalled to the temple, the opera house, Castle Kintargo, and other more important holdings in the city. What remains behind in this room as a guardian is still an unusual and dangerous creature—a strange outsider known as a scrivinite.

Still, the scrivenite remains bound to serve. It does so by strictly obeying the letter of this service, and in so doing takes any opportunity, however minor, to get revenge against those it is bound to serve but has come to despise. Its orders are simple: aid in the scouring of the Many-Steps Monastery this task is done and then remain on site for 90 days or until the redactors have completed their task, whichever comes first, during which time Yilliv must protect the Asmodeans and the site from intruders. The outsider makes its presence known as soon as it notices the PCs, informing them that they are intruders and can proceed no further into the complex.

At your discretion, clever PCs can learn much from the scrivinite, but if they wish to push further into the complex, conflict is inevitable. When it does attack, Yilliv apologizes but does not pull its punches—it fights to the death. It telepathically alerts the redactors in areas F4 and F5, as well as Nox in area F7. YILLIV CR 4 and-gold bookmark worth 20 gp, and 10 gilt pages from an illuminated manuscript worth 10 gp each. Development: The descriptions for areas F4, F6, and F7 assume Yilliv raises the alarm; if the scrivinite does not, adjust the encounters in those areas as detailed in their Development sections.

Monk Cells Each of these foot-square cells contains a bed, a trunk, and a desk. Once used archivists and visitors during long projects or when they wished to temporarily disappear from public life, these nine chambers spread throughout the complex are now used by the nine Asmodean redactors working between areas F4 and F6. Each apartment features a private bedchamber, workspace, and washroom. Development: Nox has chosen area F3c as her personal quarters, although she spends most of her time in area F7. In any event, the room itself, unlike areas F3a and F3b, has obviously been recently used.

Artifact Recovery CR 3 XP 1, Scrivenite see page 46 hp 37 Treasure: Very little of value remains on the shelves here—there are only a few dozen books left. In all, these minor tomes weigh 60 pounds and are worth gp. A successful DC 21 Perception check uncovers a small stash of valuables still concealed behind a locked secret panel. Within lies a bookplate of recallUE, a pearl of power 1st level , two scrolls of air bubble, two scrolls of identify, a scroll of silence, a silver magnifying glass worth gp, an owl-shaped platinum letter opener worth 50 gp, an ivory- 46 The overwhelming stench of rotting flesh fills this wide, table-strewn chamber. A web of barbed chains strangles its way throughout the room, supporting the decayed corpse of a man in drab robes. At the center of the web, suspended above the flagstones by its black iron tendrils, rests a fistsized, twelve-sided box fashioned from wood and bronze. Wooden cases along the southwestern wall have been smashed and overturned.

In addition to preserving the true history of Cheliax, the Sacred Order of Archivists dedicated themselves to studying strange and dangerous magic items and removing them from circulation. The cases to the southwest once held all manner of magical and cursed items, most of which are now sealed away in the opera house. Characters who investigate these shelves in particular and succeed at a DC 15 Knowledge arcana check recognize that the shelves bear numerous warning sigils carved into them to warn of the presence of cursed items. While the shelves are empty the cursed items they once bore are now all hidden away below the opera house , hints as to what the items were remain. One shelf holds a stand built to display an amulet or necklace, along with a discarded note that reads in Celestial , "Markings seem intended to lure worshipers of Abadar into peril. A third shelf holds an empty bookstand, the wood of which is stained black and smells foul. And a final shelf holds a red velvet cushion on which a fist-shaped stone or other object may have once rested.

Perceptive players take note of these clues, for they may well encounter these four cursed items during the third adventure, "Dance of the Damned," in a vault in the basement of the Kintargo Opera House. The strange box and web of chains are the results of one such device the archivists had stored here—a malfunctioning cubic gate stolen from a Nisrochi spy a few decades ago. The device was kept safe here until an Asmodean redactor—the same man whose decayed corpse is now tangled in the chains—activated the cube and unleashed a devastating assault of animated chains and shadowstuff from the Plane of Shadow. On a hit, the chain deals 1d6 points of slashing damage and 1 point of Strength damage.

The malfunctioning cubic gate can be deactivated in one of two ways. A successful casting of dispel magic against a DC of 24 or any effect that blocks dimensional travel, such as dimensional lock or dimensional anchor does the trick, as will a successful DC 25 Disable Device, Spellcraft, or Use Magic Device check. Either tactic causes the shadowy chains to retract, dropping the corpse and the ruined cubic gate to the floor. Together, these six books function as masterwork tools for Knowledge planes checks, and are thus worth 50 gp in all. If the malfunctioning cubic gate is deactivated, the cubic gate itself is ruined but is still worth 3, gp as a curiosity. The redactors scramble to defend the room; one of them moves to the doors to area F5 to let the hell hound there out before running to area F6 to spread the word of the invasion.

Story Award: If the PCs deactivate the malfunctioning cubic gate, award them XP for overcoming the challenge. Lecture Hall Partially burned benches and scorched chairs fill this room, facing a toppled podium at the southwestern end. The order used this lecture hall for debates and historical lessons. It attacks intruders at once. Common Room CR 5 Jars of preserved fruits and vegetables and stacks of salted meat fill shelves carved into the bedrock walls. A halfdozen tables in the room are heaped with scrolls, books, and parchments. A total of five redactors work at this job, but they abandon their duties to prepare a defense of the chamber once the alarm is raised.

In addition to the five Asmodean monks, a hunchbacked ogrekin guards the entrance to area F7, breathing through his mouth and drooling. This wretch was captured long ago by one of the priests of Asmodeus while on a secret mission to Varisia, and has spent the past several years under various forms of magical control. Today, the church has put him on loan to Nox for use in the archives in case the Asmodeans need someone with a bit of muscle. The Asmodeans refer to the wretch as the Lout—the abused ogrekin has no memories of its life before servitude, and has long ago forgotten his birth name. Tireless conditioning has resulted in his alignment shifting to lawful evil. The room presents an incongruous sight this far underground—a resplendent garden, complete with a babbling brook, a gravel footpath, and all manner of flowering and fruiting plants.

The pathway winds through the lush grass, over a small footbridge, and to a bookcovered knoll at the far end. The brook cascades into the room from the north and then flows through a grate to the south. The Sacred Order of Archivists very nearly abandoned their new lair when their tunneling encountered an underground river, but with the aid of some brilliant engineers, they ingeniously transformed what was planned to be a new lecture hall into an extraordinary subterranean garden—a place of refuge from their often grim work. The lanterns above radiate soft sunlight capable of sustaining the variety of flowers, shrubs, and fruit trees. Creatures: Nox chose this room as her office and place of refuge while overseeing the redaction efforts.

Her pet hell hound Mephiry lounges with her here, but the bored creature is eager for a chance to fight. NOX CR 5 XP 1, Treasure: The books and documents here are mostly harmless but still rather interesting historical treasures. Very few redactions have been necessary, and taken as a whole, the books weigh 15 pounds and are worth gp. Development: If the PCs make it this far without raising an alarm, the redactors make a fighting retreat to area F7 after recovering from the shock of being invaded. poison Resist fire 30 Weaknesses contract bound OFFENSE Speed 30 ft. If reduced to 10 or fewer hit points, she uses dimension door to reach the surface and flees to the opera house to report her failure to Thrune.

There are a dozen soul tomes here in all—they can be identified for what they are with a successful DC 19 Knowledge planes check. The books weigh 20 pounds in all and, as a collection, are worth 1, gp. After reading them, he turns them back over to the PCs, knowing that the information therein can aid the Silver Ravens. The contents of these tomes are scattered and incomplete, but nonetheless represent a wealth of knowledge on not only various historical topics, but also on how to successfully found and run a secret society. Even if they reduce her to negative hit points and capture her, she can use dimension door to get to freedom as soon as she wakes.

In the short term, forcing Nox to flee is as good as killing her; if Nox flees, award the PCs XP as if they had slain her. Note that even if the PCs lack good weapons or good spells to kill Nox, a handy method of killing her exists in area F7—the stream. Among the dangerous books once stored and now missing was a copy of the diabolic chapters of the Book of the Damned. None of the archivists realized this name to be an anagram of the name Barzillai Thrune, but the PCs might! Story Award: If the PCs recover the soul tomes, award them 1, XP. If the PCs determine that Barzillai Thrune may have read the Book of the Damned, award them an additional XP for this disturbing discovery. In that adventure, the PCs turn their attention from establishing a rebellion to growing it, and high on their priority list should be securing a hideout that can house the growing needs of the reborn Silver Ravens!

On the inside back cover of this adventure, as well on each of the inside back covers of the volumes to come, you'll find four sample NPC capsules—no statistics for these bonus NPCs are given although some may later be statted up in forthcoming adventures , but all of those presented work well as bonus encounters. Whether or not your player characters befriend these NPCs or become rivals with them, by including bonus encounters with nonessential characters, you'll make your Kintargo into a more memorable home and a place worthy to fight for. Finally, make sure you're familiar with the gazetteer of Kintargo that begins on page 58 of this book.

You'll likely need to refer to these pages again and again as your Hell's Rebels campaign progresses. Don't be afraid to mark up your text or use sticky notes to keep track of changes to the city as they take place! See the Hell's Rebels Players Guide available online for free at paizo. com for more details on how teams and allies function. Fushi Sisters: If the PCs recruit Korva Fushi and her sisters as a team, the four tengus function as a specialized group that grants the Earn Gold and the Gather Information rebellion actions. At your discretion, you can use these unique allies as inspiration for creating allies of your own design, perhaps converting NPCs whom the PCs have grown attached to through the course of play.

Rexus Victocora: Although Rexus was never officially a part of the Sacred Order of Archivists, he learned a fair amount about how to lie low from his mother. Vendalfek: The little fairy dragon Vendalfek excels at trickery and spreading confusion; hobbies that the Silver Ravens can turn to their advantage. Her scarlet skin seems almost to shimmer and glow with an inner, infernal fire. She prefers to soften up opponents from hiding using her pipes of the sewers or her scroll of summon monster III before emerging. In combat, Blosodriette prefers to stay mobile by flying and taking shots with her blowgun; she uses swift poison to apply venom to these darts from her sting, and takes the time to become invisible every other round so she can use sneak attack.

She uses suggestion to try to prevent a character with a good or silver weapon from attacking her, suggesting that the weapon is damaged and that the foe should avoid using it for fear of breaking it. Melee is a last resort for the imp. If faced with foes who are obviously able to finish her off perhaps those armed with silver weapons, or who can hit her really hard , the imp surrenders and begs for the PCs to destroy her contract; being banished to Hell is preferable to death here on the Material Plane, after all! While those who seek out the soul anchor can guarantee the retention of their memories after death and judgment, now and then someone who merely perishes in Kintargo gains this unusual boon as well. These souls generally remember only fragments of their previous lives once they move on, and in most cases, these fragments torment rather than soothe the mind.

Such is the case with the imp Blosodriette. Her vague memories of life as a halfling slave are filled with pain, misery, and shame, but above all else, the joy of inflicting those same misfortunes on those below her station. She doesn't remember how she died, but she knows that in her new life as an imp, she has much greater prospects than she ever did as a mortal slave. Loyal and eager to please, Blosodriette found life in Malebolge to be everything for which her cruel mortality had prepared her. She played the hound for hunting devils, gleefully chased the souls of the damned, and served as a messenger for powerful personages of the Pit.

But though she enjoyed serving stern superiors once again, a deep longing tugged at her, nudging her back to the mortal world. Blosodriette was delighted to find herself back in her hometown, and found far more satisfaction serving her new master than her infernal commanders. The Silver Ravens covered up their involvement and made it appear that Merindius had drowned, but they took several documents the man had been carrying before doing so. Bound by the terms of the contract to remain in its proximity, the imp remained invisible and hidden. The freedom fighters never returned for the cache, and in the decades that followed, Blosodriette was left to her own devices. With no one to take her frustrations out on, Blosodriette has pondered how much blame she herself deserves for her cruelty and current predicament.

Blosodriette is blessed with a wide, sharp-toothed grin and massive curls of black hair reaching down to her toes. Unique among imps, she has only one horn—the result of a mortal scar that translated to her infernal form. After a decade alone, she has developed a habit of debating with herself, and she may interrupt a conversation to weigh in with her own approach to a topic. translate, they unknowingly bring the imp into their new home. The contract itself is disguised via a secret page spell CL 5th to make it appear to be a mundane ledger. When the PCs move the contract, Blosodriette is forced to follow invisibly; she remains within feet of the contract at all times. Unless the PCs specify otherwise, you can assume that the contract remains with the rest of the documents in the Wasp Nest below Long Roads Coffeehouse.

The contract binds Blosodriette to the Sarini family, but also ties her to the physical contract itself to ensure she never strays far. Mere possession of the contract doesn't grant mastery over the imp. Only to her closest friends does Laria even hint to the pain of her actual past. fear OFFENSE Speed 20 ft. She drinks a potion of cure light wounds if reduced to fewer than half her hit points. In her youth, Larisha watched the illegitimate son of her master flog her only brother to death, and later her mother. Eventually, she settled in Kintargo with a new name and forged paperwork to found her unassuming little cafe.

Despite her rough childhood and violent adolescence, Laria remains friendly. She loves nothing more than trading gossip and flirting shamelessly, but she invariably pushes others to talk about themselves. Though she is a practical woman and weathers insults with grace and patience, her mood swings from flirtatious and lighthearted to cold and fearless at the first hint of violence. If she spends too long on her own, her memories threaten to pull her down into a sticky abyss of regret and self-loathing. For her own good—and the good of those she frees from Chelish shackles—Laria pushes herself to fill every waking moment with interaction.

Not surprisingly, the Long Roads Coffeehouse serves up more than invigorating elixirs and stuffed pastries. Unable and unwilling to forget her roots, Laria still works with the Bellflower Network, bribing officials, ferrying slaves and fugitives out of Cheliax and Nidal and into distant Varisia, and forging paperwork. While she worked as a tiller many years ago—leading escapees through the darkness and protecting them from predators and bounty hunters alike—her new life keeps her away from dark fields and slavering beasts.

Download Hell S Rebels full books in PDF, epub, and Kindle. Read online free Hell S Rebels ebook anywhere anytime directly on your device. Fast Download speed and no annoying ads. We cannot guarantee that every ebooks is available! A series of connected adventures for the Pathfinder game in the city of Kintargo, a formerly free city under the rule of devils. With a hideout in the city of Kintargo established, the heroes of the growing rebellion are poised to take back the city. But before their group, the Silver Ravens, can strike against the diabolic House Thrune, a few final preparatory steps must be completed. Forging alliances with nearby tribes of aquatic elves and the free-city of Vyre and closing the mountain pass known as Menador Gap will cut off Cheliax's easy sea and land routes, forcing Inquisitor Barzillai Thrune to rely on his resources at hand to defend his control of Kintargo.

Yet nothing is as simple as it could be, and the dangers awaiting the heroes of the revolution in the nearby seas, mountains, and the sin-wracked city of Vyre are not always those you can defeat with a spell or sword. And, of course, Barzillai Thrune won't take these new developments lying down - what retributive reaction might one of Cheliax's most dangerous inquisitors have in plan for the Silver Ravens? A Pathfinder Roleplaying Game adventure for 7th-level characters, Dance of the Damned continues the Hell's Rebels Adventure Path, an urban- and political-themed campaign that focuses on a rebellion against one of the Pathfinder Campaign Setting's most infamous nation - the devil-haunted Cheliax. Everyone has a weakness, Lucie just happens to have four. Lucie 'Lucifer' Steeler was born a sinner.

The Princess of the Hell's Rebels' MC, she was made to raise hell, and in true hellion style, lived to her own creed. A creed that involved falling for five brothers in her daddy's MC. Her rebellion lasted until the day her world came tumbling down, and she was exiled from everything she knew. In the blink of an eye, the MC was gone, her home was gone, but worst of all? The men she loved believed her a traitor. Now she's back, with a daughter they don't know about, and a plan to retrieve the life that was stolen from her. Tired of sinning on her own, Lucie's ready to become THEIR SINNER. And she won't be taking 'no' for an answer THEIR SINNER is a standalone Why Choose, MC Romance within the complete 'Hell's Rebels' MC' series and is followed by THEIR SAINT. With the recovery of the Kintargo Contract and numerous alliances in place, the so-called Silver City of Kintargo and its surrounding region of Ravounel is now protected from invasion by Cheliax. The heroes of Kintargo are ready to sign formal treaties and accords with Cheliax to secure Kintargo's independence, yet enemies made during the region's liberation remain active and bear grudges.

Worse, the one-time despotic ruler of Kintargo, Barzillai Thrune lives on in the depths of Hell, and his plans for the region have only been slowed. Strange manifestations of ghostly spirits and infernal hauntings spread through Kintargo, and before long, the truth cannot be ignored-the high-inquisitor's death has only made him more powerful, and the secret to stopping him forever lies hidden in the roots of Hell itself! Can Kintargo's heroes brave the depths of the pit to ensure the city is finally and forever safe from Barzillai Thrune? The adventure concludes the Hell's Rebels Adventure Path, an urban- and political-themed campaign that focuses on a rebellion against one of the Pathfinder Campaign Setting's most infamous nations-devil-haunted Cheliax.

Several new monsters, an exploration of the faith and secrets of the archdevil Mephistopheles, suggestions for how to continue your Hell's Rebels campaign beyond the events of this Adventure Path, and a brand new Pathfinder Journal round out this volume of the Pathfinder Adventure Path! When Captain Sisko leads the Defiant on a dangerous mission into the Gamma Quadrant to liberate a conquered world, the Bajoran government insists that Kai Winn, the Federation's longtime nemesis, assume complete control of the space station. Left behind by Sisko, Major Kira expects the worst from the Kai's new regime, but even she is caught by surprise when a fleet of alien warships attack Deep Space Nine! Book 5 of the Bestselling Black Rebel Riders' MC Saga Are you ready to ride? The deeper you love the rougher the road you travel becomes. Romeo has fought his way through hell and back to overcome his demons. Just when he thinks he has everything under control, his life changes in the blink of an eye.

You have to take the good with the bad or so they say. How far will he go to protect those he loves most? This series is best read in order. Return to a classic Pathfinder Adventure Path with Curse of the Crimson Throne, one of Paizo s most popular campaigns! The city of Korvosa is in chaos, and her new queen may well be the source can a ragtag group of heroes stand before the might of one of Golarion s most notorious villains? This immense book collects the six classic Curse of the Crimson Throne adventures, and has everything you need to run an entire, full-length campaign covering months and months of play! The Curse of the Crimson Throne hardcover includes: Updates the classic Adventure Path to the Pathfinder RPG rules for the first time!

Explore expanded adventures, including a brand new mission written by Paizo s Creative Director, James Jacobs, that sends the heroes into a perilous dungeon run by the queen s infamous Gray Maidens! Features dozens of evocative new illustrations of classic characters! New and updated rules for monsters, magic items, and character options ". Skip to content. Hell S Rebels Download Hell S Rebels full books in PDF, epub, and Kindle. Hell s Rebels. Author : Anonim Publsiher : Unknown Total Pages : 92 Release : Genre : Fantasy games ISBN : GET BOOK. Download Hell s Rebels Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle. Pathfinder Adventure Path.

Author : Richard Pett Publsiher : Paizo, Incorporated Total Pages : 96 Release : Genre : Electronic Book ISBN : GET BOOK. Download Pathfinder Adventure Path Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle. Their Sinner. Author : Serena Akeroyd Publsiher : Unknown Total Pages : Release : Genre : Electronic Book ISBN : X GET BOOK. Download Their Sinner Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle. Paradise Lost. Author : John Milton Publsiher : Unknown Total Pages : Release : Genre : Electronic Book ISBN : BSB:BSB GET BOOK. Download Paradise Lost Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle. Author : Amber E. Scott Publsiher : Unknown Total Pages : 96 Release : Genre : Electronic Book ISBN : GET BOOK. The Conquered. Author : Dafydd ab Hugh Publsiher : Simon and Schuster Total Pages : Release : Genre : Fiction ISBN : GET BOOK. Download The Conquered Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle. Author : Glenna Maynard Publsiher : Glenna Maynard Total Pages : Release : Genre : Fiction ISBN : XXX GET BOOK. Download Romeo Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Curse of the Crimson Throne. Author : James Jacobs,Nicolas Logue,Greg A Vaughan,F Wesley Schneider,Richard Pett,Michael Kortes Publsiher : Paizo Publishng Incorporated Total Pages : Release : Genre : Electronic Book ISBN : GET BOOK. Download Pathfinder Adventure Path Curse of the Crimson Throne Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle.

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WebPathfinder RPG PDFs - Pretty Complete Collection 50 10 10 comments Best Add a Comment [deleted] • 6 yr. ago 2 Reply EmporerNorton • 6 yr. ago Oh sweet. Time to WebPathfinder Adventure Path # Breaking the Bones of Hell (Hell’s Rebels 6 of 6) Hell Hath No Limits With the Kintargo Contract recovered and WebPathfinder RPG - Hell's Rebels AP 1: In Hell's Bright Shadow Paizo Inc. View on Steam Please note that you can get the entire cost of the PDF purchased from off WebOct 3,  · Download link book entitled Hell s Rebels by Anonim in pdf, epub and kindle format is given in this page. This book was released on 03 October and published WebHell's Rebels Adventure Path Pawn Collection: Produced by Paizo Inc. Released March 23, Specific monsters and important NPCs from the Hell's Rebels Adventure Path This PDF contains a new character designed to be fully compatible with the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, as well as seven custom cards to support play with this character. Variell Durnatt, Half-elf Rogue Variell spent her early adult life as part of a team of con artists and charlatans, acting as their resident "mage," despite her skill with magic being just another form of trickery ... read more

The climax of this ritual required a particularly risky act—Barzillai would need to cut out his own heart while standing in a place where the River of Souls the metaphysical current that guides the recently departed to the afterlife had been compromised, tainted, or damaged. The twins can reveal to the PCs that they were abducted by Luculla, who lured them into her shop with promises of trying out a new type of candy—only to drug them senseless. In fact, this figure is a strix, a winged humanoid whose race has long clashed against humanity. The rubble to the north is all that remains of a lower set of winches and a lift that once aided transport between this room and area C16 above. Perfect for you to use in supplements about cults, cultures, or individuals that may have the Eternal Rose showing a more masculine side of beauty. If any PC speaks favor with the new leadership in a most unseemly before the captain does, Elia stiffens but the captain manner. In all, these minor tomes weigh 60 pounds and are worth gp.

Depending on which tactic the PCs take, they may be able to recruit the surviving sisters as their first unique team for the Silver Ravens, or they might end up with a desperate fight for the control of the Wasp Nest on their hands. A collective of thugs who specialize in muggings, theft, and generalized bullying, the small band of thieves has eluded the law for years thanks to a combination of luck, secrecy, and maintenance of a small enough membership that Kintargo never felt the need to bring the full force of pathfinder hells rebels pdf download dottari down on it. Pilfer: Criminal-minded characters can use the large gathering to line their pockets, lifting purses or goods from the street vendors by succeeding at DC pathfinder hells rebels pdf download Sleight of Hand checks. fear OFFENSE Speed 20 ft, pathfinder hells rebels pdf download. The bulk of these notes contains nothing new, but one note in particular considers the possibility that Mangvhune may have been manipulated by supernatural forces beyond this world, and that his spirit may have somehow become anchored to Kintargo due to some strange eldritch and primordial feature of the region, yet the note does not go into further detail. She prefers to let her guards fight in melee while she holds back and uses spells at range or steps in to heal a wounded guard as needed.